1. What is home care or home health care?
Home care is health care at home that is a cost-effective and desirable option that enables patients to receive help in the privacy of their own home with their specific health-related needs when recovering from illness, injury or surgery.

2. Are your caregivers licensed and insured?
yes, all of our caregiver’s are licensed, bonded and insured.

3. Who can receive home care?
Anyone can receive home care that has the need for therapy or skilled nursing care; perhaps the patient is returning home after a hospital stay or nursing home admission.
When a person has gotten weak or is having falls; this could also be an indication for the need for home care.

4. Who pays for home care?
Most health insurance companies will pay for home health care.
Including Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance may pay for home care.

5. What are the Medicare requirements to receive care at home?
If a Medicare recipient, is homebound*, requires the skill of a professional like therapy or nursing care, the doctor certifies your need for care, and the homecare agency is Medicare-certified.
*See item # 10.

6. Must my doctor order home care?
Yes, home care is ordered by your doctor, acute care physician or hospitalist, but anyone can suggest home care for a patient.

7. Can someone visit me to answer my and my loved ones questions?
Yes. SunnyBrook Home Care offers free pre-evaluations to answer your questions.
A nurse can come to you to answer any questions.

8. Who provides home care?
Nurses, therapists, and home care aides from a Medicare-certified home care agency.

9. How long will I be able to receive home care?
The length of time receiving homecare varies on a case by case basis, but as a rule until your condition improves where you can get outpatient therapy or you are no longer homebound.

10. Can I leave my home and still receive home care?
*Medicare allows patients to leave their home for doctor’s visits, church services, hair appointments or adult day care. Homebound status is often temporary while recovering.

11. What types of services does homecare provide?
Skilled nursing care for wound care, IV therapy, medication and diabetic support and more, also physical, occupational, or speech therapy, home care aides and medical social services on an intermittent basis.

12. Why should I choose home care?
Most people would prefer to recuperate in their own home when possible. Some people may recover more quickly in a familiar environment.
The risk of infection is greatly reduced at home. Home care is often less expensive than some other types of care.

13. How long has SunnyBrook Home Care been in business?
11 years.

14. If I am not eligible for insurance-covered home care can I use private care?
Private care is usually self-paid. Services vary per request. Homemaking, laundry, errand running, cooking and personal care are typically requested.
Please call 641-472-4808 for more information.

15. Who can I call to ask other questions that I may have?
Anyone at SunnyBrook Home Care can answer your questions.
Call 1-866-538-5238

Rev: 05/04/2012

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